Tim retips a ring.















A bench jeweler for 43 years, Tim Hartman specializes in repair. He works with gold, silver, platinum, palladium and even base metals used to make costume jewelry. Tim also offers custom manufacturing.


Cleaning and checking are always free


Tim repairs and restores:

  • Worn tips and prongs
  • Chains
  • Heirlooms and antiques
  • Costume jewelry



  • Uses real gold and platinum to rebuild worn tips holding in stones – not solder, like most jewelers use. Solder wears down quicker and discolors.
  • Can solder fine to heavy chains, often leaving no seam.
  • Restores heirloom and antique jewelry.
  • Repairs costume jewelry, too. Many jewelers won’t.
  • Makes custom jewelry using metal fabrication and lost-wax casting techniques.

Tips for keeping your jewelry in good shape

  • Bring it to a reputable jeweler every three months to be cleaned and checked.
  • Keep your jewelry out of bleach or chlorine. Remove your jewelry before entering chlorinated pools and hot tubs.
  • Don't wear your pearls in the shower. Water doesn’t harm the pearls, but will damage the string holding them together or the epoxy adhering them to metal.