"The ring Tim made for me is beautiful and he keeps it in beautiful condition."
~ Millie Richart


"Tim has always done excellent work. And good laughs!"
~ Gayle Jay


"Hartman's Jewelry is the best place to get your repairs done on the West Coast! Just ask some of the folks in Seattle and Tacoma who use them."
~ Cathy Colley

"Great place and wonderful people."
~ Pat Starks


"Tim is an honest jeweler and does first class work. He is the only jeweler for me and for all my friends."
~ Marjorie Huey


"Tim and crew have been professional, insightful and always very affordable. They're the best!"
~ Mary Linth


"Always the best service every time I come in."
~ April Fauver


"My wife and I always learn something when we talk to Tim. Could be about jewelry, dogs or life. We enjoy spending time with him."
~ Ken Rasmussen


"Hartmans is a little gem of a jewelry store, hidden away in McCleary, WA. They will treat you right for all your jewelry and repair needs."
~ Carol Seaman


"Tim is a person who will always tell you the truth. Very good at what he does and very trustworthy."
~ Norma Wulfekuhle


"We feel just like family. Tim does a great job. He can make anything."
~ Judy Cline


"Happily goofy and very accommodating."
~ Judy Norman


"Takes good care of customers when he is fed."
~ Barbara Ward


"Great work!"
~ Cheryl Zollars


"Great work, great people."
~ Kathy Elofson


"Reputable with excellent quality of work. An asset to the community."
~ Jill Van Wormer


"I love these people. Good all the way around."
~ Jay Spargo


"Run like a good old mom and pop store. I like that!"
~ Greg Birindelli


"Great custom work."
~ Cathi Reiley


"Tim is the nicest man and does the best work."
~ Jenny Lucas


"Very reliable and good to customers."
~ Ollie Jhanson


"Very knowledgeable and accommodating."
~ Tom Reed


"I have purchased all my jewelry here and love it. Tim always cleans and checks it on a regular basis."
~ Melody Warren


"Tim is nice and friendly and does very nice work."
~ Betty Wyatt