An appraisal is like a birth certificate for your jewelry. If your jewelry is lost or stolen and it's insured, your insurance company will pay to replace what you had. Without an appraisal, they'll replace what they think you had.

A sales receipt is a poor substitute for an appraisal. Insurance companies view prices on receipts as inflated and will try to replace your piece at a lower cost than the receipt shows. Plus, most insurance riders are good only up to $2,500.

Diamond grading diagram and color scale

What does an appraisal cost?

The starting price is $100. Prices will vary according to the number of stones, type of stones and other factors.

Tim’s appraisals include:

  • A statement of value and estimate of the replacement cost, with separate prices for metal and gemstones.
  • Identification of any gemstones in the piece.
  • A photo and plot, or drawing, of stones size ## and larger, showing all “birthmarks” of the stone.
  • A complete description of the metal and stones.
  • An explanation of the approach used to value your jewelry.
  • List of tools used to appraise your jewelry.

Tim’s qualifications

  • Graduate Gemologist – Gemological Institute of America – 2009
  • Certified Gemologist Appraiser – International School of Gemology – 2012
  • Accredited Jewelry Professional – 2005

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